Trading Can Be Boring.

Sitting in front of a screen all day. 

No one to talk to, no second opinion on your charts. 

No one around to share that funny meme with that Elon Musk just posted to Twitter... 

Membership is FREE!

Introducing: TradeTalks™

 A server full of traders from various markets all around the globe

Here you can find discussions and charts of stocks, forex, metals and crypto. Completely free to join and participate. 


Check out our features below and feel free to join us on Discord


In-Channel Chart Generation

We utilize AlphaBot to stay on top of the latest charts, prices and more!


Custom PaperTrader Bot

Do you want to learn how trading works but don't want to lose any real money? We have our own emulated trading system ready for your use. Start with $10,000 and see how far you can go!


RSS Feeds

Weather you are a legacy, crypto, forex or metal trader, we have automated news feeds ready to go! Gone are


Automated Liquidation Signals

Stay on top of what is happening to the Whales at all times, with out custom liquidation bot system you will know the exact second a liquidation happens!


Airdrop Alerts

Want extra diversity in your Crypto Bags?

Our DiscordSubSystem tracks down the most recent airdrops and lets everyone know about them!


Open Development Community 

We welcome developers to join in on the fun! If you like to code for fun this is the place for you too!